NO WOMEN, NO CHILDREN…look at the kinds of Muslim invaders that the Italian Coast Guard are fishing out of the Mediterranean and dumping into Europe

More than 6,000 military-age male Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and potential jihadists from North Africa in just two days were rescued in the Mediterranean in dozens of  operations co-ordinated by the Italian coastguard. Some 37,000 people, most of them sub-Saharan African Muslim males, have arrived in Italy from Libya since the start of the year – a figure some 30% higher than a year earlier, according to the Italian interior ministry.

Breitbart  Mass departures stretched rescue resources to the limits: over 13,000 people were saved in five days at the end of May 2016, another 14,000 in four days in August — including a record of 7,000 in one day — and 10,800 at the start of October. In total, nearly 550,000 migrants arrived in Italy between 2013 and 2016, and 37,000 have landed in the country so far this year.

According to Sophia, some Libyan coastal areas derive 50 percent of their income from smuggling migrants. A dinghy with 100 passengers can fetch up to 67,000 euros ($73,000), while a wooden boat with 400 people can earn up to 380,000 euros.

Back in October 2016, the Italian Coast Guard ‘rescued” 11,000 Muslim invaders from the Mediterranean off the coast of Libya in just one week.

Reuters  More than 5,000 migrants were saved on Tuesday and Wednesday off the Libyan coast and 28 bodies recovered, bringing the total number of people rescued this week to more than 11,000, Italy’s coast guard said. Sadly, only about 20 people were reported to have suffocated in the hold of one overloaded fishing boat, bringing the total death toll for Monday and Tuesday to 50.

Italian officials said three Muslim breeders saved on Monday had given birth over the past 24 hours on a coast guard vessel that was bringing some 1,000 refugees to Sicily. The vast majority of Muslim freeloaders come from Africa, including Nigeria, Eritrea, Guinea, Gambia, Sudan, Ivory Coast and Somalia.