LOST IN EUROPE: 500,000 Muslim illegal alien invaders

As many as half a million Muslim, mostly male, invaders who entered Germany last year have been “lost” and have not even registered with the authorities because they know their bogus asylum applications will be rejected, according to a  government report leaked to the Bild newspaper.


New Observer  The report goes on to state that it would appear as if the majority of invaders are “turning to crime and illegal activity” to stay alive because they are not getting welfare payments.

The Bild newspaper said that the leaked document was an interim report from the Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Criminal Office (BKA), which was going to be placed before the German candidate on Wednesday, April 6.


“Many migrants do not register with the authorities for fear of being rejected,” the Interior Ministry part of the report stated. This figure is, it continued, “being viewed with concern because unofficial refugees have few opportunities to get welfare benefits, and they will either work illegally or turn to crime.”

The Bild report was greeted with denials from the Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maiziere, who said he had not seen the document in question but that he could not believe that there were 500,000 “refugees” walking around Germany unregistered.


De Maiziere admitted that there had been “registration problems” in the last part of 2015, when the “distribution of refugees from the border areas of the country took precedence.” Now however, he claimed, many “after registrations” have been done—effectively admitting that a very large number of “asylum seekers” had not in fact been registered at the time of their arrival in Germany.

Earlier, German police chiefs had warned that this was happening, but were ignored in the rush to take in as many Muslims as possible.


The European Union has in the meantime announced plans to take over Europe-wide “coordination” of the refugee process, and to deny individual member states the right to determine their own policies in this regard.

The policy shift comes as the “EU-Turkey” deal stumbled on its second day of operation, with no “refugees” at all being deported back to Turkey on Tuesday, April 5, despite hundreds more arriving by boat on the Greek Islands.


The reason for this is that the Muslim invaders have quickly spotted the most obvious flaw in the EU plan—namely that instead of waiting to apply for asylum in Germany, as previously was the case, they now apply for asylum immediately in Greece.

This ruse forces the Greek government to consider their application in Greece—and immediately puts them out of the “deportation” loop.