In the first six months of 2016, some 211,000 Muslim invaders posing as asylum seekers arrived in Germany

Yet despite Angela Merkel promoting the invaders as a desperately needed new labor force, just 54 of the invaders have found employment because the vast majority have no work skills whatsoever. Of the 54, some 50 have been employed by just one company—Deutsche Post—in what appear to be manual labor positions.


New Observer  While it is likely that some other companies have also provided employment for the Muslim invaders, the reality remains that the vast majority seem set to remain on the state’s welfare roll with no prospect of ever getting off.

The employment disaster also shoots down in flames the optimistic predictions last year that the invaders would provide an “economic boom” and “replace the declining population” with hordes of busy “workers.”

The employment disaster was revealed in an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), which said that the problem was being exacerbated by record native German unemployment.

There are already 2.614 million unemployed in Germany, and there are only 665,000 jobs available to be filled.


According to the FAZ, hopes for “integration” now rest firmly on small to medium enterprises, because the big companies are simply unable to provide employment on any significant scale to people who are totally unskilled.

FAZ reported that only some 300 “refugees” were enrolled in the “special training courses” set up for them—and that this was an “alarming” figure when it was considered that more than a million invaders entered Germany last year alone.

The 211,000 number of arrivals so far in 2016 does not however, include those coming in directly from Turkey in terms of the “EU deal” with that country, whereby an “asylum seeker” is airlifted straight into Germany in return for each one sent back from Greece.