Honor Crimes 2016 — And It’s Only February

The year has started off inauspiciously for women who live in cultures where family ‘honor’ trumps all other values — even life itself.

An image from the film 'The Stoning of Soraya M.'
An image from the film ‘The Stoning of Soraya M.’




Raped and the Stoned for Adultery

The Islamic State publicly stoned to ISIS fighters stone a woman suspected of adulteryISIS fighters stone a woman suspected of adulterydeath four women oncharges of adultery. The women were apparently raped by Islamic State (ISIS) fighters and then arrested and dragged to the terror regime’ssharia court. The court subsequently found them guilty of having sex outside of wedlock and sentenced them to death by stoning.


Tied Down and Forced to Undergo Female Genital Mutilation

A woman in Egypt had her genitals forcibly cut by her husband and his brother after the brother’s wife had been found to be unfaithful. The woman subsequently filed for divorce. The couple married a year ago without problems. But after her husband’s brother’s wife betrayed her own husband, her husband began to have doubts about her. “One day, he came home angry because my family visited me without his approval and started beating me,” she related. “Afterwards, he went to his mother’s house and came back with her and his brother who is a nurse. They came into my bedroom, tied me up so I couldn’t move and forcibly conducted the FGM. He said that he was making me ‘pure’ so I wouldn’t betray him like his brother’s wife did.”


Blugeoned to Death for Being Too Modern



A 19-year-old Arab girl living in a                          Picture circulating on the internet of the victim

Picture circulating on the internet of the victimvillage outside of Nazareth, Israel was bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Her body was then set on fire. The woman’s brother was arrested for the murder, which police believe was an honor killing due to the girl’s modern lifestyle of which the family disapproved. Last summer, the brother attempted to run her over, but only injured her. He escaped from the police at the time and was not located until he was arrested for the murder.



Flogged for Going to the Doctor

A woman in Afghanistan was publicly flogged by the Taliban who thought she had left her The Taliban flog a girl in Pakistan

The Taliban flog a girl in Pakistanhouse with a male to whom she was not related. The man, who was also flogged, was the woman’s brother-in-law and was taking the woman to a doctor’s visit. Video footage of the incident shows the woman pleading with the militants, saying her husband could not come with her and she urgently needed to go to the doctor.