Greek Govt: 90% of Invaders are Bogus

At least 90 percent of all the nonwhite invaders pouring into Europe are not “refugees” but “economic migrants,” the Greek Deputy Defense Minister, Dimitris Vitsas, has announced.




Speaking on Friday on the Greek TV channel ANT1’s program “Good Morning Greece,” Vitsas said that only “one in ten of those coming to Greece from Turkey are actually fleeing war and persecution.”

“If we consider Afghans as migrants, then 90 percent of these people are now economic migrants,” he said.

The Balkan countries have now for the past two weeks only officially allowed those claiming to be “Syrians” and “Iraqis” through their borders, and have stopped others.

However, the large number of fake Syrian and Iraq identity documents in circulation has made a mockery of this rule as well, as the border guards have no way of actually checking the veracity of documents then and there.

If they are produced, then they are waved through, and, thanks to the “open doors” policy of Angela Merkel, once they get to Germany they are easily able to avoid being registered by just walking away.

Vitsas sad that the Greek government had built “centers for immigrants” in Thessaloniki and Schisto, which could each house 4,000 invaders.

In addition, according to a report from the Deutsche Presse Agentur, five new warehouses are being built along a strip of land about fifteen miles south of the FRYOM (Macedonia)–Greek border. These facilities are set to house at least 10,000 invaders who have been prevented from proceeding further.

Vitsas added that his far-left government has “an obligation toward the European idea, toward humanism, to do our duty,” with regard to the invaders, and that as part of this “obligation” they were going to accept the European Union-mandated allocation of “refugees.”  This would mean, he said, that Greece will have to accept at least 20,000 “refugees.”

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He also condemned the Visegrad countries for refusing to accept their “share of refugees.”

“We consider it unacceptable to have a decision taken by the EU and then to be told during a meeting with five police directors of Balkan countries that they do not accept that decision,” he said.