Germany: Sex Attacks “to Increase”

Sex attacks by nonwhite invaders upon German girls are set to increase even further with the advent of summer, a leading researcher and archivist of the thousands of the assaults has warned.

“If the perpetrators react this way to women in winter clothes, what will happen when they see short skirts and tank tops?” the researcher asked.


Making the comments in an interview with the German Junge Freiheit newspaper, Petra Berger, the brains behind an online database of invader sex attacks in Germany, said that there had been “thousands” of unreported attacks which the controlled media had deliberately not reported.

“The cases number in the thousands: sexual assault, robbery, physical injuries. The perpetrators: all foreigners, including asylum-seekers,” Junge Freiheit says by way of introduction.

Petra Berger—not the person’s real name, because they will be liable to persecution by the Merkel-Stasi—set about documenting the crimes using a Google Maps application after the mass attacks of New Year’s Eve.

“After the attacks on New Year’s Eve, which took place not only in Cologne, I thought to myself, this will happen again,” Berger told Junge Freiheit.

After New Year’s Eve, she said, the police “suddenly began to report such cases. But the national press has only sporadically reported on these attacks, so that in most cases the full picture has not emerged.”

The figures show, however, that these are not just isolated cases, Berger continued.

Asked how the incidents had been compiled if they had not been reported in the media, Berger said that the police’s press statements and archives were comprehensive—if ignored by the controlled media.

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If the police reports—issued online at Blaulicht on the website are systematically searched, an awareness of the “scale of the wave of [invader] violence” can be seen.

Berger said the system is set up to exclude all hearsay reports, and is only based on confirmed reports given out by the police.

Even then, the criteria is that there must be a “clear indication of foreign offenders,” Berger said, either by the police “specifying the nationality or by the description of the perpetrator.”

The German police use the term “southerner” to describe nonwhite. This might sound confusing to the English ear, but, as Berger points out, this is not referring to southern Europeans, but to “Turks, Arabs, North Africans, or Albanians.”

For example, the description of an offender as having “black hair and a full beard” is not taken as an indication of a nonwhite by Berger.

“We do not read between the lines and interpret. There must be a clear indication of the origin of the offender in the police report” before it is included in the incident map.

Asked about reaction to the map, Berger said that it was overwhelmingly positive, with many people, even from outside Germany, expressing their appreciation.

“We are often asked what’s going on in Germany, how is all this possible? People are shocked that Germans do not turn out in the streets and demonstrate against this,” Berger said.

“And everyone fears an even more extreme wave of violence and sexual assaults on women and girls in the summer. If the perpetrators react this way to women in winter clothes, how will they react when women appear on the street in short skirts and tank tops?”

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Asked which of the nonwhite sex attacks are the worst, Berger said that the attacks upon children in swimming pools were unquestionably the most repulsive.

“Imagine a helpless child in a bathing suit being attacked by a grown man—I get angry just thinking about it,” Berger said.

The incident map is updated by Berger and her team on a daily basis, and can be found here.