Fuck Islam




The punishment under sharia law, for reading the Holy Bible.


Denmark has little afford to participate in the war that is against IS now when we also see the need to fuck the poor, the old and vulnerable in society economically and with budget cutbacks in welfare mm.
As well as our aircraft are old and held together by duct tape and old rubber men!
As well as our contribution is and will be compared to the other major “players” only symbolic.
And frankly we can not afford or resources to lead the tokenism that way.
So for that reason we should not participate! (We have long made ours! So to sit for practical reasons should not do anything for our standing in NATO and against the other)
However, it is ok certain we send a handful of hunter soldiers, we have the capacity and does not cost the earth.
So let’s stick to it, and drop to send our old worn fighter, with billion expense.
BUT it said! so then the war against IS as much needed!
These maniacs will not disappear by itself, or that we pretend nothing and let them be!
They stop even with terror against us here in Europe.
The thought is decidedly naive, ridiculous and wrong!
They are at war against us, to get their caliphate and to take over the entire Middle East and create a fundamentalist Islamic superpower, and with the aim to continue where you left off in the time of Muhammad and after the great Muslim conquests that reached far into Europe before they stopped, they will continue conquest and Islamization of the world and not bar live peacefully when or if they get their way and or added.
They want total domination.
This is dictated in the Koran as they follow down to the last verse.
They wage war against us, a war with terror of Islamic domination, oppression of all other religions, our secularism and our lifestyles mm.
The wage jihad by all means, immigration, refugee flows, migrants, radicalization, and political and other means to gain influence in our society for Islam.
terror is a part of here that should intimidate us, weaken us and our morale mm. scare us into submission and to add them.
And the lead as war directly wherever they can, in Syria, Iraq and Libya as well as via the joining those many places in Africa.
And they never stop! whatever we do!
They must be stopped by force! NOTHING else can stop them and their goal.
If we think we can poke head in the sand and let them do what they want? we get war worse than anything we ever since WWII has seen and ultimately on its own doorstep, in their own streets ultimate.
Terrorism is also not less, on the contrary.
All laissez-faire, all dialogue and all surrender, seen by them as weakness, and weakness exploited even tougher.



I have officially now stopped caring whatever the hell people say about me. Fuck. Islam. The most gruesome, violent, sadistic, xenophobic, discriminatory religion out there. The recent attacks in Paris have removed the last bit of pity i feel toward muslims, why do we only see Islamic terrorism? Why don’t we see Christians blowing themselves up in the HQ of the freedom from religion foundation? Why don’t we see Atheist beheading christians? Why is it only Islamic terrorism that we see? People must realise there is not a problem with extremism, there is a fucking problem with worshipping a pedophile prophet (piss be upon him). I am sick and tired of this religion, i am sick and tired of western countries having to deal with this bullshit, we fucking welcome them in our first world countries and all they do is blow themselves up in the name of a fucking psychopatic sky daddy and claim Sharia Law to be imposed and above the governement that welcomed them in open arms from misery. Throughout my life i have always defended moderate muslims (which i am now doubting their existance) and told people to not generalise the whole muslim population, but this is fucking enough, this religion is fucking ruining our way of life, either “normal” muslims stand up against these fucking psychopaths and try to stop them, or they can get the fuck out of non muslim countries. I am so sorry for any liberal accepting muslims out there, i really am, but i have to vent out this rage. Sadly, Islam is not compatible with the 21st century, like it or not. I excuse myself again, i must now go sacrifice a baby to the ruler of darkness because atheism.


Islam (Better known as ‘Fascislam’, ‘Nazislam’, ‘Pisslam’, ‘Jizzlam’, ‘Shitlam’, ‘Muhammed Is Lam-E’, ‘iSlam-my-head-on-the-ground’, ‘fucking bullshit’, ‘Durka durka Muhammed Jihad’ and ‘I stands for Imperialism, S stands for Slavery, L stands for Lie, A stands for Antisemitsm and M stands for Murder’) is the Religion followed by butthurt dirty, smelly, sand niggers who have absolutely no fucking idea of how to fit into the 21st century. These sand niggers who follow Islam are called Muslims (better known as ‘Moon Worshipers’, ‘Muzzies’, ‘Musfags’, ‘Mudslimes’, ‘Terrorists’, and ‘Durka durkas’). Muslims are easily offended to the point that makes one consider whether they enjoy it too.

Islam is Arabic for “submission to the will of God”, which means that they have to stand towards Mecca, kneel their head into the earth and point their arse to the sky. Then they must scream “Allahu ahkbar!” Allah can fuck you in any orifice at a whim, all the while demanding you to say you like it. Islam was created by the “prophet” Muhammad (may he writhe in hell) (born April 20, 571), yet another guy who heard voices in his head.

These voices told Mohammed (shit be upon him) that his religion was a continuation of Judaism and Christianity and that those who followed these outdated religions should be converted or killed. Since he forgot about Zoroastrianism, he apparently thought that his religion was the third and final in the monotheistic trilogy. And being the third, it is inevitably the most shitty of the three (think Spiderman 3, The Matrix Revolutions or The Godfather III).

Islam(pronounced moose-limb) is distinct from Christianity and Judaism because it has a system of mind control known as the five pillars of Islam, which are considered obligatory for all Muslims because, let’s face it, it’s easier to take advantage of racially inferior niggers, gooks and Arabs when they pound their head into the earth five times a day and don’t eat for an entire month.

The five pillars are:

  1. Recognize Allah as the only god of the moon.
  2. Recognize Muhammad (a philandering fucking gigolo, war-monger-er, pedophile and social outcast) as his last prophet.
  3. Pray five times a day to Admiral Ackbar Allah by bashing your head into the ground and jamming your arse into someone else’s face like a PIG in heat.
  4. Blow something up, kill a non-Muslim and pop out 8 more sand-nigglings while only being barely able to feed yourself.
  5. Go to Mecca and worship a black stone cube, where pagan Arabs used to worship the moon god Hubal, son of Allah.

Islam is a cult in which people are stoned for independent thought, not covering their whole bodies (women), not wearing pajamas (men), masturbating, eating, drinking, breathing, watching TV, sleeping, reading, having fun, etc. On the other hand, it is successful in telling women to gb2 kitchen. This religion has invaded many countries all of which are run by sick fuck Muslim fanatics who spend all day reading the Queer’An. Islam currently oppresses approximately 1.5 billion Muslims.

All women and children from these Muslim countries are either sold as sex slaves or sent to send out to blow the vest in the people up (but not if we blow them up first!). The men can marry numerous women, hence you can often stop a Muslim man with an infidel woman and Muslim women who attempt going out of kitchen is stoned to death for adultery. Muslims spend all day praying and going “Alaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” like mental fuckwanks.

However, Islam may well be an honest continuation of God’s word – that is, if God is a giant asshat. Whether by suicide bomb or an heroic murder spree, through making threatening phone calls or through biological, chemical, and/or nuclear terrorism, Islam is well-situated to guide humanity to certain death.

Sand nigger terrorists follow a magical book called The Koran, which is a slightly less lengthy version of the Holly Babble. The only difference is that it contains a somewhat more descriptive account of the Muslims’ annihilation of those infidels who dared to practice peaceful religions, somewhat more child rape (which is not rape, since it’s not prohibited) primarily on the part of known pedophile Muhammad.

It should be noted that in addition to all Muslims being terrorists, most Muslim men are pedophiles who marry eight year old girls. Pedophilia is common amongst sand niggers. women of the sand nigger clan can have sex or get raped at any age, because consent is always implied even if it is not necessary.

Islam is also loved by liberals everywhere because it’s “exotic”, and that tickles their twats.

As for those who deny Islam…they shall be thefaggots for the Fire of Hell.

—Qur’an 2:10