For over 20 years refused politicians to listen to those who knew about Islam and its subculture.







Something dark that is starting to grow stronger, is against our democratic principles, our values and our existence, and we must fight against this dark new and stronger means than we have done previously.Today’re all Western governments after a clever way to avoid finding the source of radicalization of young Muslims living in Denmark.

Now the price paid – in blood! But our governments closed their ears, holding one hand to his mouth and the other for the eyes.
Listen to me: We are at war. Open and full-scale war. What we have seen so far is just the beginning of much worse atrocities in Denmark. We can not defend ourselves. We are totally devoid because politicians have paralyzed our democracy. When our soldiers are sent into combat abroad, prevents irrational restrictions on them in their efforts against ritual murderers. The same problem slows police – including PET – work on the domestic front. They can not go to war with one arm tied behind his back.
Instead of the current weakness should be declared state of war in pursuit of terrorists. Yes, it is an extraordinary and unpleasant action that may threaten democratic principles, but we must first and foremost fight the enemy. We are uncertain of our streets. Our freedom of movement is severely restricted. We are afraid to send our children out of the city. We hold us back from using our freedom of speech. A hand full rabid immigrants holding us hostage in our own country.
Radicalisation can not be cured. Radicalisation must be eradicated. While we struggle physically against terrorists, who was born in Denmark and unnoticed move freely among us and can kill random, we must also remove the terror cause. It’s imams who encourage young impressionable Muslims to use force – including firearms – against random Danes. They base their “brainwashing entry” rhetoric on what is in the Quran and Hadith. When you see that thousands of Muslims in prisons and in their ghettos in Denmark, rejoice every time they see ISIS slaughter a Westerners, we must recognize that we are at war against a vast army that is armed with hatred and in many cases also weapon against us.
Trying to dialogues with radicalized Muslims, their parents or imams – which many Danes believe is possible – is simply utopia. I get red in the head every time I look at the television debate between well-known politicians as Claus Hjort Frederiksen and Henrik Sass Larsen during Wednesday’s debate on TV2 News, where they expect to Muslim extremists are ordinary people who think like us and could come to an understanding. They think that we can talk the terrorists to their senses by telling them that their methods are not accepted in Denmark and we must insist that they must adapt to our culture and maxims. These politicians, bishops and a million just thinking Danes live in Shangri-La.
Reason, logic, citizenship, national loyalty, gratitude and love for life will be totally removed with a stroke of radicalized Muslims when it comes to choosing between these Western values and what they have heard from their imams of Islam’s holy untouchability. These imams are our main enemies. Therefore, we can not fight against them with reason. There will be introduced new laws and regulations with clear and unequivocal punishment meting that is just as radical as the radical forces we stand against. Among these, it must be possible to strip citizenship from religious based criminals and deport them forever.
Besides this, the annual budget for PET and police tripled, even tripled. The nearly 800 million – an amount enegangs – Government will give PET and the police, is a drop in the ocean. The Danes have nothing against paying the right price for restoring the peaceful order and prosperity, they have built up over many generations and are now threatened with extinction.
I ask all our politicians: What will it take to wake up and recognize that we are at war here in Denmark? When will you begin to handle the situation seriously? Should parliament blown up?
It is your responsibility to ensure our existence and our security on the streets back. I must begin by showing the imams who spread hatred and calls for war against the Danes!