British prisons are now beheading training centers for the Islamic State (ISIS)

Potential jihadis are being taught how to carry out ‘beheadings and mass killings’ inside some of the most secure British prisons in preparation to join barbaric Islamic State, it has been claimed.


UK Express  Future Muslim jihadis are carrying out mock beheadings and taught how to slit the throat of a bound captive, according to prison sources.

The shocking revelations claim that would-be terrorists are being given lessons in how to carry out mass killings during supposed “evening classes” – the Daily Star Sunday has reported.

Held in cells – fanatics inside category A prisons such as Belmarsh, Whitemoor and Long Lartin – are using diagrams and models to teach jihadi recruits how to construct a booby trap, make the poison Ricin and create explosives from just garden fertiliser.

The government believes around 1,000 prisoners are at risk of being radicalized. English jails currently hold 131 Islamist inmates convicted of terrorist offences.

One senior prison source said: “We have caught terrorist prisoners showing other inmates how to carry out an execution. When we ask what they are doing, the inmates claim they are messing around – but it’s clear that they are involved in something far more sinister.


“There are now so many hardened terrorists in top-security prisons in England that in some cases they are ‘running’ wings.”

Our insider added: “The terrorists recruit converts and radicalise young Muslim men and tell them that the only people who will give them a chance in the future are radical Islamists.

“We have seen them reenacting beheadings and found diagrams of IEDs. Prisons are now the main recruiting grounds for terrorist groups.”


Former inmates and prison officers claim gangs of Muslim prisoners are an increasingly powerful force. “Muslims run it. Muslims run the prisons and there’s nothing the officers can do about it.

Independent  Muslims represent only 4.7 per cent of the population in England and Wales, according to the most recent Census, yet one in seven prisoners (14 per cent) in England and Wales is a Muslim, according to the statistics.


In some jails the proportion of Islamic inmates is more than one-third, and in Whitemoor, a Category A prison in Cambridgeshire, it is as high as 43 per cent. The Muslim prison population has increased from  6,571 in 2004 to 12,255 a decade later, meaning that Muslims now account for almost 15% of all inmates and is set to continue rising rapidly because of the large numbers of Muslim teenagers in youth jails.

UK Daily Mail  One in five inmates serving sentences in Britain’s maximum security jails are Muslim, figures show. There are currently 5,885 highly dangerous criminals behind bars in the eight Category A prisons in the UK, of which 1,229 follow the Islamic faith. The figure equates to 20 per cent of high-security prisoners and, according to figures obtained by The Sun, is an increase of 23 per cent from five years ago.