War Against Islam

In the West, few Islamic imams openly preach Jihad, Islam’s so-called “holy” war against us. But to Muslim-only audiences, imams do preach waging war against non-Muslims. In some Islam-penetrated Western nations like the UK, some imams have begun to throw off the cloak of Taqiyya and openly declare war against us, even on television (see Spread of Islam).

Not only have Muslims declared war against us: they already are waging waragainst us (see Muslim Brotherhood).


Stop Murdering Christians in EgyptThey burn down churches, behead and/or massacre Christians in Ethiopia, Egypt,war-against-islam Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Nigeria, Yemen, Kenya, Indonesia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Mali, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc.

They also have bombed or planted bombs to cause mass murder in Spain (Madrid), UK (London), Russia (Beslan), Indonesia (Bali), Kenya (Nairobi), India (Mumbai), USA (New York) and international airliners.

Egyptian Christians Killed


Muslim paramilitary camps in the West now recruit, train and export Muslim fighters (see Islamberg).

The first step to confronting Islam is to admit the reality of Islam already waging war against us.

The tendency by many in the West to bury their heads in the sand and wish away the reality is driven by fear, unpreparedness for and unwillingness to pay the price that this war will require, as well as general fatigue and distaste for conflict after a decade of it in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Egyptian Christian Grieving



The present situation is not unlike the one in which Europe found itself in the late 1930s.

Wary from the mayhem of World War I, Europe did not want World War II, was not prepared it, and chose to pretend that Nazi Germany was not on a war path against it.

Even after Adolf Hitler annexed Austria and invaded Czechoslovakia, in 1938, the rest of Europe tried to appease him instead of confronting him, which led to disastrous consequences (see Hitler’s Muslim Waffen SS troops).