‘Too sick to work migrant’ now wants to bring 12 MORE children and 2 MORE wives to Europe

A SYRIAN migrant who arrived in Europe with his wife and EIGHT children has now been given approval to bring over 12 more kids and another TWO wives.



Syrian asylumseeker and Danish flag

Daham Al Hasan has been given approval to bring over 12 more kids and another two wives

Politicians in Denmark have condemned the asylum seeker policy which will allow Daham Al Hasan to rake in thousands in benefits once his huge family is reunited.

The 47-year-old fled war-torn Syria two years ago with a wife and eight children before arriving in Denmark.

The unemployed migrant, who claims to be too sick to work, has now been granted family reunification for his remaining 12 children and two wives who are still in Syria.

The approval will see the Danish taxpayer fork out 214,128 Danish Kroners (£21,883) in child support for the family each year.

Outraged officials have raised concerns about the policy and suggested the Syrian man is exploiting the country’s welfare system.

Integration spokesperson for the Conservatives, Naser Khader, said: “It is highly problematic that a Syrian refugee can be allowed to call himself sick to avoid working and learning Danish, so he can support… 20 children.”

The politician added it should not be possible for someone who does not intend to work to be given such vast sums and called for Denmark to implement an upper limit for the number of children a person can claim contributions for.

Khader said: “We need to save and it can’t be right that a man, who has not contributed, is granted hundreds of thousands in child support.”

Conservative politician Naser Khader

It can’t be right that a man is granted hundreds of thousands in child support

Naser Khader

Conservative politician Naser Khader said the situation was highly problematic

Several leading parties, including the Danish People’s Party and Social Democrats, have supported Khader’s view sparking a public debate about implementing restrictions child allowances.

Following the criticism directed towards him, the Syrian migrant insisted he is still too sick to work.

Al Hasan told local media: “I don’t only have psychological problems, but also physical [problems]. I have a pain in my back and legs.”

The migrant also said the pain was so overwhelming that he could not learn Danish yet.

The anger comes after it was revealed five Syrian migrants are suing the Danish Government and foreign minister over a strict new asylum policy.

It stated that family reunification for asylum seekers would take up-to three years, promting the Syrians to claim it was breaching their human rights.