DENMARK: Controversial streets signs pop encouraging Muslim invaders to go back to their countries – Syria and Iraq

Provocative anti-Muslim street signs showing the direction and distance to Syria and Iraq were set up in a Danish municipality, which is reeling from having been forced to take in the highest number of illegal alien Muslim invaders. The initiative was branded “racist,” (What ‘race’ is Islam?) and sparked a major debate about the migrants.

  The controversial signs ‘Syrien 4426′ and ‘Irak 5317′ with arrows showing the direction and distance were reported to have been anonymously set up on April 22. The incident took place in the municipality of Thisted in northern Denmark, which boasts six refugee centers housing 1,200 migrants.


Shortly afterwards, the signs were taken down by volunteers, but the action sparked a lively debate between supporters and opponents of refugee intake in Europe.

The nationalist Danes’ Party claimed credit for the idea behind the signs on its website.


“The Danes’ Party wants to show migrants the way back. Therefore, we have started a campaign in Thisted, where we will offer the locals an alternative to the insecurity that has occurred in the municipality after the arrival of the many migrants,” said party leader Daniel Carlsen.

The party didn’t admit directly whether its members had placed the signs, which is an illegal act, but rather extended “a huge thank you” to those behind it. According to the party, the signs were necessary to stir a debate about the impact the asylum centers were having on the local community. They emphasized that the current debate would have “hardly had arisen without the road signs installed.”


The signs did not go unnoticed by Thisted’s vice mayor Ib Poulsen of The Danish People’s Party. “That’s a fine initiative to start a debate,” wrote Poulsen on his Facebook page as reported by Ekstra Bladet.

Poulsen welcomed the approach to start a debate about how government allocates its resources in the refugee crises, “We have a finance minister who said that the influx of migrants costs the economy 11 billion kroner (1,7 billion dollars) this year alone. It would have made a difference if we could use that money on welfare for our own citizens.

                                                                                     Maybe this is why Denmark doesn’t want Muslim migrants:



Muslim ingrates already in Denmark want to go to Sweden where the welfare benefits for illegal aliens are much better than in Denmark:

                                                                                                 “It is too cold in Denmark, we want to go back.”