After the holidays coming everyday – and it’s not for children





I had to smile when I saw the picture of the new Italian police car, the rear-drive Alfa Giulia with flashing light on the roof and the letters Carabinieri of the page.

They can thus something of the country. Not rule, nor check in addition to corruption, nor maintain an effective police force, but they can damn sure that their officers running stand point around in something that would have dressed Niki Lauda.

Aside from that, it has been a long Pentecost, not to say an abrupt spring with holidays and interruptions that beats the rhythm of the pieces, and I have to be honest to say that I’m a force of habit and the everyday man. This spring cannonade of holidays weaken my spiritual immune system, and when it finally becomes Monday (or in this case Tuesday), I feel a damn duty to pick up.

Roger Scruton were in the country – invited by Free Press Society and Cepos – and was most definitely interviewed in DR2’s Deadline. The editors had chosen of addressing him as “conservative philosopher”, which of course is true, he calls to himself both, but the product name is still telling. When other foreign philosophers or dignitaries guests the studio, to my knowledge no precedent for adjectives as “socialist”, “social democratic” or “liberal” in front of their position or background.

Deadline could simply have used the term English or British philosopher, but chose to put a label on the front. Why? Tjo, in Danish mainstream media, only those editors do not understand or care about who sport labeled as a “controversial” or in this case “conservative”.

Norwegian journalists may be worse than the Danish, but here are the latest figures from: Red block would be considerably more than twice as many votes as blue block if Norwegian journalists were to compose the Norwegian Storting.

Yes Yes. We live, as vicar Claus Thomas Nielsen recalls in an article in the Epoch of the walls time and it is to those who do not like the walls that use them frequently. Are you progressive or reactionary? Are you human or racist? Are you conservative or progressive?

You know the song, you grew up with it for decades. The good against the evil. Who would not be the first? Despite this, writes the parish priest:

“It’s not the sweet local Muslim green handlers, or your daughter’s sweet Muslim classmate, personal guilt that it happens, but it happens nonetheless certain. Both greengrocer which school her friend is part of the statistics that unequivocally says that the bigger the Muslim minority, the more advanced the jew persecution, the resolution and the Civil War: Beirut, Sarajevo, Kosovo, Marseilles, Blackburn, Leicester, Luton, Paris, Brussels , Malmo and so on. There is no exception to this rule. ”

It may be “evil” said, but it is the sobering and corporal truth. As must do much more conservative in the years to come, whether they like it or not – or at least vote for parties with a more realistic approach to migration policy, EU policy mm.

Scruton is conservative with the complex at heart to maintain order – both the private and the social and political order – and it is clear that such at heart attracts many enemies because the three-dimensional order is difficult and slow to establish but easy to shake and destroy. A conservative, according to Scruton one who sees and understands how precious and fragile the private, social and political order is. As he says with a twinkle in his eye: Conservatism is boring, but true. The alternative is exciting, but false. Conservatism is everyday, not celebration.

Another of everyday heroes, emeritus professor and demographer Poul Christian Matthiessen, drew lines up in an article in JP on the non-Western immigration.

“When a migration pressures, once established,” he wrote, “it will possess a considerable inertia. As the formation of ethnic bridgeheads in the recipient countries, the immigrants in these areas stay connected to home and could provide potential emigrants in their home country with information about the Promised Europe “.

Our policy choices in other words, not to be mistaken: Either we stop the galloping immigration from Southern and get some kind of control over the situation, while we can, or we will close your eyes, open the border completely and hope the best we can . The latter is possibly the most exciting but also risky in terms of what we already know and have experienced. For the former reason and despite the latter it seems that this is precisely what our politicians are going to do: Hope and pray and cross everything crossed can. While they obviously call their opponents “conservative”, “reactionary” or worse.

According to French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, waiting for 800,000 migrants currently in Libya to cross the Mediterranean. Yet France does not intend to do something about the problem. More migrants are ready at the other coasts along the Mediterranean, the smugglers are putting the finishing touches on the season 2016-2017, and public water ring human, social and economic impact is beginning to dawn around the Western Europe – while Eastern Europeans have long understood what is started. As Judith Bergman writes in an analysis from Gates Tone Institute, makes several European countries far less optimistic performances than both the pope, the European Commission – and the Danish government. Already in November it was reported from official sources that at least 3 million. people will seek asylum in Europe this year. But remember: This is only the beginning. The continuation is by all accounts more radical, and it becomes ever more speed and demographic gravitational our children who inherit the problem.

Evidence suggests that the holiday season has lasted long enough and that the party is over. It’s once again become commonplace in Europe. It is not for children, so when we become adults?