150,000 Invaders in Greece

A disaster situation looms large in Greece as more than 150,000 nonwhite invaders, from all over the Third World, have landed in that country expecting to be given access to Western Europe.

According to reports, at least forty boats per day are still arriving on the Greek islands from Turkey, further swelling the number of invaders.




According to a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ),  the invaders are increasingly using “evasive  techniques” to avoid NATO sea patrols in the sea between Turkey and Greece—evidence by itself that the nonwhites know very well that they are entering Europe illegally.

The FAZ article admitted that the first week of NATO patrols—organized  in terms of a supposed European Union crackdown on “human smuggling”—had “hardly made any difference” to the numbers landing in Greece.

A recent New York Times (NYT) article revealed the flawed “reasoning” being used by the nonwhite invaders.

A “Mr. Ahmad,” interviewed by that paper in the now massive invader camp erected outside the Greek-Macedonia border crossing village of Idomeni, said that he flatly rejected any idea that he would be sent back to Turkey—even though, under all international conventions, he had no right at all to claim “asylum” in Europe, as Turkey was already a safe country.

Another invader interviewed by the NYT was even more to the point: calling himself Mohammed Obeaida, he said that they had “escaped from Turkey, but we go back to Turkey? Why? We lost our money, our homes, everything. We know the European Union is not criminals like Bashar al-Assad. And it would be a crime to send us back to Turkey.”

The flaw in his logic is of course that Bashar al-Assad is president of Syria, not Turkey—and that Turkey, where the invaders were under no threat at all, is one of the backers of the insurgents in Syria—and therefore directly responsible for the “refugee” crisis in the first place.

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The NYT said that the more than 12,000 invaders at Idomeni were just sitting there “hoping the border will reopen.” Meanwhile, the article continued, “Greece, itself nearly bankrupt, is at risk of becoming a refugee prison.”

The Greek government—which is as much to blame for the invasion as Angela Merkel—has opened invader centers in military camps, a bankrupt hotel, in the now-little used Olympic Park in Athens, and even in a castle.

So many are stranded at the port of Piraeus, near Athens, that the passenger terminals—usually where vacationers wait for ferries to the islands—are crammed to the brim with nonwhites who have landed in that country but have nowhere to go.

* Meanwhile, the closing of the Macedonian border to all but “genuine refugees” (at least according to the official definition, because in reality none are genuine, for the reason that they all have “fled” safe third countries) has slowed the number of invaders to a trickle.

According to an article in the Bild newspaper, “only” 436 nonwhite invaders arrived in Germany over the weekend of 13–14 March, compared to the 107,000 which had crossed the border into that country in the first two-and-a-half months